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Kitchen is one of the most neglected part of your house. It is imperative to make sure that the kitchen is always clean. because this is where you cook foods for your family. Kitchen cleaning is vital for every home. Kitchen cleaning is a must, but this must not be done in places that are easy to reach. There are places that are hard to reach like the HVAC system and the kitchen exhaust vents. It will be hard for you to cook if the kitchen exhaust is not working well anymore. It also needs cleaning.
It is important to always make sure that your kitchen is properly cleaned. This is also the part of your home that can show your personality. If your kitchen is neat and clean, then it means that you have a very beautiful home. It is true that kitchen cleaning entails a lot of work and it can also take much of your time, but it is possible to clean your kitchen if you are willing to exert some effort.
One of the simplest parts of your kitchen to clean is your sink. All you need to do is to scrub your sink with lemon. By using lemon, you can keep your skink clean and fresh. It is also a very effective way for removing rust and stains especially on stainless steel sink. It can also eliminate mineral deposit from your faucets. It is important that you keep the flooring of your kitchen always clean by scrubbing it with soap and water. This can eliminate all stains on your floor and it will keep it looking good and fresh again. It is better if you will just scrub one area at a time.

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From duct cleaning to vent cleaning, we can clean every part of your ventilation system. our cleaning professionals are also able to clean carpet and dryer vents.

But, what will you do with the kitchen exhaust that you always use when you open the stove? It may have been clogged by dust and grease from the food you cook. The air that is supposed to be filtered by the kitchen exhaust might not be filtered anymore. The fumes from the food might be scattered through the house and that will not be good for your health. We are a company that’s been in the HVAC and air duct cleaning for years now. We have technicians that are well versed in kitchen exhaust cleaning. We have adequate methods and men to do it. We do that using 2 different methods. One is the scraping and the other one is pressure washing, it is also known as steam cleaning.
The dirt involved in the kitchen exhaust is hard to remove due to grease buildup. It is so common for technicians to do the scraping. It is not just affordable, but it is also simpler. There are no duct fires that has occurred using this method of cleaning, unless it will be done by someone not well versed in the method. Scraping the exhaust in the kitchen is not a simple matter, we do that under the fire code that is governed by the AZ that you are in.